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written by Rose Saad September 13, 2015

God has given us freedom as we follow Christ
Freedom to love
Freedom of self-expression
Freedom of choice

This freedom is not manipulated
It frees us from the manipulations of others

We are to serve others with a free will
A sheer joy of wanting to please those we love
The pace we set to serve is ours
Anything or anyone who violates that is not of God

We are no longer bonded to the thoughts of others
How we should live and think
God has empowered us to be free thinkers

This wisdom is not hidden from us
It is given to us freely as we follow Christ
Let us look deep within ourselves to drink from that knowledge and
Free ourselves

Our thoughts liberates us
We can choose to change every thought or
Choose not to until we are ready.
The pace we set to choose is ours
We will evaluate our choice in Christ

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