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Domestic violence hotlines

One of the problems survivors of domestic violence face is finding the right resources to help them break free, especially in smaller countries worldwide. Social Media has made it much easier to find domestic violence hotlines and other resources, but many survivors still have no way of tapping into those resources. They might not have access to or know how to navigate social media. As a result, they find themselves stuck with no help.

As we try to help survivors of abuse, one of our roles is to help them connect to their area’s local resources. In order to do that, we have to know where to refer them. Research your local domestic violence centers in your area before referring a survivor.

Here’s a list of worldwide domestic violence resources that you can use as a guide to help survivors. While not all-inclusive, this list is extensive and is a helpful resource guide. The author, Michelle Cardillo, did an excellent job of including countries from all over the world. You also can check out my abuse information page for more information about domestic violence and resources in the United States.

United States of America

National Family Violence Hotlines

Domestic Violence Resources Across the U.K.

Domestic Violence Hotlines in European Countries

Additional Global Domestic Violence Hotlines & Resources


Contact Information compiled by Michelle Cardillo

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