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written by Rose Saad August 10, 2017

As an author, I end to read for enjoyment while evaluating technique and style. I am impressed with Rose Saad’s work. I am impressed because she was able to write a book that is powerful, authentic and solutions-driven while using style and technique that is of a high quality. I recommend this book to churches, social groups and women all around. As women, we must invest in ourselves and this book is an investment. You will be healed. You will be renewed. Rose congratulations and I and I wish you success with the many books to come.
Tricia-Anne Y. Morris
Author, From I Do to I Don’t: Overcoming the Wounds of A Bad Relationship

This is a much needed book for all women who have experienced domestic violence but Christian women in particular. Christian women who experience domestic violence face a unique set of issues that can cause deep spiritual struggles and impede their ability to make decisions and take action. A Path to Hope addresses these unique issues in a more thorough and compelling manner than any book about domestic violence that I have seen. I strongly recommend this book for all women’s ministries and pastors in Christian churches as well as support groups and organizations for domestic violence victims, both secular and faith-based. Many secular support programs for domestic violence victims serve a large number of women with a Christian background, and this book would serve as invaluable guide for helping women who struggle with faith-based concerns in the process of freeing themselves and their families from domestic abuse.